Escallonia [genus] (1,296)
E. myrtilloides (412)
E. resinosa (274)
E. rubra (245)



Escallonia [genus] Mutis ex L.f. ESCALLONIACEAE

Common names: Escallonia (Hortus)

S Am., mostly Andes; 39 spp. Evergreen shrubs or small trees. Lvs. alt. or whorled, sessile or short-petioled, simple, entire or serrate, often resinous-dotted and glandular. Fls. white, rose-red or intermediate, sometimes fragrant, mostly in terminal racemes or panicles, sepals, petals and stamens 5, calyx tube united with ovary, petals sometimes with claws united. Fruit a many-seeded capsule. Cult. plants hybridize readily. Sometimes trained as vines and on pillars. In CA bloom fall & early winter. Included in Saxifragaceae (Hortus Third 1976:447) S Am.; 50-60 spp. Aromatic, viscid shrubs and small trees. Lvs. mostly glandular-toothed. Corolla funnel-shaped, 5-lobed. Many garden vars. Included in Grossulariaceae (Griffiths 1994:437) In Escalloniaceae (Willis 1973:435) Escalloniaceae is an ill-defined woody group of Saxifragaceous affinity (Willis 1973:435) In Escalloniaceae (Brummitt 1992:165) Widely cult., often hybrids. In Grossulariaceae, which has been recognized as representing up to 8 families, most spp. in Escalloniaceae (Mabberley 1998:267)


ESCALLONIACEAE Escallonia myrtilloides

Escallonia myrtilloides L.f. ESCALLONIACEAE

Common names: Chachacoma (von Reis)

Range not given. MacBride 1923, in Peru: it has a citrus aroma. Camp 1945: in Ecuador the wood is used to make the native spoons, because ‘it is smooth on the lips’ (von Reis and Lipp 1982:94). Valid species (GRIN 2006)


ESCALLONIACEAE Escallonia resinosa

Escallonia resinosa (R. & P.) Pers. ESCALLONIACEAE

Range not given. In Peru a dye-plant. Red heartwood yields a crimson-violet dye (Antúnez de Mayolo 1989:181) Valid species (GRIN 2006)


ESCALLONIACEAE Escallonia rubra

Escallonia rubra (Ruiz & Pavón) Pers. ESCALLONIACEAE

Chile. Variable sp. In SW England & Ireland used for hedges. (Mabberley 1998:267) Valid species (GRIN 2006)



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